PrairieFire's identity targets professional business people frustrated in their working environments for various reasons, who want to create a new and unique office culture, and are interested in growing towards these goals. 
The business brand connects with their audience through a welcoming and personable style focused on simple, clear, and caring instruction about position business relations and environments. 
PrairieFire's style reaches out to millennials and startups through their fresh and neat, yet professional design.

Services booklet featuring a custom die-cut on the cover, showing relationships in an office environment are individual and interconnected, and that by focusing on each person and their gifts a company can form a successful and productive team.

Business card featuring a spot gloss on the back to depict PraireFire's tagline. The front side's interconnected lines represent how relationships and business is complex, which is juxtaposed on the back by the simple glossy sheen of the same brand shape. The card gives a tactile example of PrairieFire's ability to "Make complex... simple."

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